Dr. Alisha Jones Christmas memories 

 My favorite holiday tradition was opening up one gift on Christmas Eve and the reading of a Christmas book before bed. The gift opening helped save my anticipation for the upcoming events of the next morning. My mom would also read us one or two Christmas stories before bed; my favorite being "The Perfect Balsam Christmas Tree". Back then, our attention spans for listening to our parents read to us was much greater and I loved to listen to my mom read and recreate the voices of each character. This is a tradition I have carried on in our household. In fact, there is a new series of books called "Santa Comes to ____” and in that blank, is certain cities or states. I have one for each of the last 2 places we've lived and which happen to be the last 2 Christmases. This year, I found "Santa Comes to Indiana" and I'm excited to read this one on THIS Christmas eve as we prepare to celebrate our first Christmas in Indiana. The gift opening on Christmas eve has also been carried on but my son ALWAYS tries to talk me in to opening many more, LOL. This year, we will also incorporate a midnight mass which we are all very excited about. My husband and I haven't done this since we were kids and just became members at our church. It seems to mean that much more and this church does a great bell choir.