Tried, Tested, and Proven Foot Care Products for Sale at Our Indiana Podiatry Group Offices

  • The Fitted Foot


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    The Fitted Foot provides the Ultimate in fit and comfort, selection and value. We care about more than just shoes; we strive to provide comfort for your whole body.

    Our trained associates devote the personal time needed to properly assess your feet, measure and ask the appropriate questions to determine your lifestyle needs. Using state of the art “I Step” technology we get to know your feet. This technology gives us a map of your feet such as arch height and stress points. We will evaluate and explain the results of your exam and the benefits of proper support with the right shoe. The right shoe makes all the difference in how we look and feel.

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  • Bako Podiatric Pathology Services

    Bako Podiatric Pathology Services is the most used and highly regarded pathology lab for podiatrists. Bako's founder is a podiatrist and a pathologist, and they provide accurate diagnoses of the biopsy specimens we send in, well written reports with reference materials, and they produce those reports in a timely manner to ensure as little wait time for our patients as possible.