Foot and ankle surgeries are common, and performed everyday to treat a wide variety of conditions.  The decision for surgery usually comes when non-surgical therapy is not helping sufficiently, and one has either exhausted non-surgical options or one has elected to undergo surgical care.  Some conditions do not even have effective non-surgical options, and require surgery for the best chance of recovery.  Foot and ankle surgery, like all other types of surgery,  can be either simple or complex depending on what needs to be corrected, and is performed to reduce pain and improve function of the foot or ankle.


Foot and ankle surgery is used to address a wide variety of injuries, deformities, and conditions causing pain and poor function.  These include repair of damaged tendons, correction of deformities like bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, and flat feet, removal of masses and skin lesions, release of pinched nerves, and repair of fractured bones, amongst many other things.  Foot and ankle surgery can address issues of skin, tendon or muscle tissue, nerves, joints, and bone, and sometimes uses metal hardware, absorbable materials, joint implants, and implanted biological tissue.  Depending on the nature of the surgery and any hardware or implants used, recovery can vary from as little as a couple weeks to several months, and may involved a simple post-operative recovery sandal, a walking boot, or cast and crutches.  It is important to understand that since the foot is the connection of the body to the ground, and bears the weight of the body in addition to the load that body movement forces on it, extra care must be taken during recovery to ensure the foot heals properly, does not become too swollen, and remains comfortable during recovery.  This is often different than surgeries in other parts of the body, and that is why foot and ankle surgery seems to take a longer time to heal.


Our surgeons have completed high levels of training and have extensive experience in performing foot and ankle surgery on a regular basis.  We perform surgery in numerous facilities in central Indiana, including hospital based operating rooms and free standing surgery centers.


Please take the time to read one of our articles on specific foot and ankle procedures, or our general guide to elective foot surgery, which explains the surgical and recovery process from start to finish.