Posted on Dec 16, 2017

Why do we hang stockings for Christmas?

I always find the real story behind nursery rhymes and traditions quite interesting.  Turns out there is a dark story behind why we hang stockings for Christmas.  The story is that there was a nobleman who lost his wife due to a long and painful illness.  The widower was left to raise his 3 daughters on his own and lost a good portion of his money due to bad investments.  During this time, women without a dowry were not permitted to marry.  There was concern about what would come of these young women as they aged and their ability to make money.  A monk named Sinter Klaus also known as St. Nicholas heard of the family’s situation and decided to help them discreetly.  He would secretly leave bags of gold near the chimney for them one at a time and as story has it the third bag of gold fell into a stocking of one of the girls that was hanging by the chimney to dry.  The story ends with all women finding husbands to marry and living happily ever after…of course.