Posted on Jan 22, 2017

When Should You or a Loved One See a Podiatrist? Part 4

When should you or a loved one  see a Podiatrist?

• They complain about pain. Too many people brush off foot pain as “not a big deal,” but fail to consider the fact that pain is the body’s way of pointing out a problem.

With regard to foot care, don’t think that any pain is too minimal to receive attention. This is simply not the case. Remember, medical issues are generally most easily treated at their earliest stages. If a loved one complains about foot pain, give us a call!

Indiana Podiatry Group is here for all of your foot and ankle needs, but you have to take the first step.
The good news is that it’s not a painful one! Simply give us a call. You can reach us (317) 773-7787 and our staff will be glad to help!