Posted on Dec 07, 2014

We Strive To Meet All Our Family Needs

This is the life of one of our doctors outside our office.  I wanted to share this because especially this time of year it’s about family.

This is why people feel like they are part of our family when they come to see us at Indiana Podiatry Group.

"Life with Dr. Schulman"

My life outside of the office currently revolves around the activities of my 2 boys, Mason and Henry.  I like to consider myself a "High-priced chauffeur!"   Every day, before I leave for work, my wife and I sit down to review the schedule, and she tells me where I need to be that night, either a practice, game, concert, or friend's house.  For Mason, my 14 year old 9th grader, it is all about music.  Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band. It’s Hard to keep straight, but so proud to see his development.

Henry is my 10 year old “Hockey fanatic."  No one knows how he originally got interested, but now he skates better than he runs. Between practice and games for the regular and "travel teams," we are rarely home on weekends or evenings.  My wife is a true "Hockey Mom!"  I actually surprised Henry over fall break by taking him to Toronto, Canada to the Hockey Hall of Fame and a Toronto Maple Leafs game, what   a wonderful experience.

So, when someone asks me what I do in my "free time," I always laugh a little, and hope one day to learn what that actually is!

Scott L. Schulman, DPM

Indiana Podiatry Group