Posted on Aug 16, 2015

Watch out, weekend warrior!

Are you a weekend warrior? You may be at risk for some foot and ankle injuries because of it.  What is a weekend warrior, you ask? Usually, a weekend warrior is someone who works full time during the week and squeezes in their fitness activity of the week all in one weekend.  Whether being a participant in weekend team sports or independent fitness activities, coach for their kids' sports teams etc., weekend warriors pack in a week's worth of physical activity all in the weekend.  And that is ultimately more than what their bodies are prepared to handle.

What injuries are weekend warriors more susceptible to?  Anything overuses.  Anytime you overuse joints, ligaments, or tendons you are more prone to injuries such as ligament sprains/strains, ankle/foot arthritis flare ups, tendonitis or even tendon tears and fractures.    To avoid these injuries the best thing a weekend warrior can do is spread out their physical activity throughout the week and commit to a daily fitness routine, even if it's only 10-15 minutes a day.  Also combined with proper stretching and appropriate technique you can add strength and endurance to your body to get through your weekends like a true warrior and not a wounded one!  But if you find yourself in pain Monday morning after a tough weekend, come see the foot and ankle surgeons at The Indiana Podiatry Group.  We are here to serve you.

Dr. Farwa Abid-Hoffman