Posted on May 06, 2019

 500 Festival approaches this month, I would like to discuss foot issues associated with one of the premier events during the month of May that’s not the Indianapolis 500 race itself.  The One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon is a well-attended event by both locals and those who travel to participate.  Thousands have been training for months to compete, and have put many hard miles on their feet.  You may be among them.  Bluntly put, running can be hard on the feet.  The amount of force that goes through the feet during even a light run can be enormous.  While the feet are well structured to withstand this force, injuries can and do occur, especially with longer training regimens.  I have created this handy guide to identify some of the more common injuries in the feet caused by running, organized by where the pain of these injuries is usually located.

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