Posted on Jun 11, 2015


So you're thinking about a pedicure?   Really?. Well, follow these key tips to protect your feet.

If scheduling a professional pedicure, make sure you are the first appointment of the day.  Most professional salons use sterilized instruments and tubs on all of their clients, but there are some that might just use "clean."  Most salons will definitely sterilize their instruments overnight and being sure that you are the first appointment of the day will make sure that instruments and soaking tubs are as clean as they can be.  Another tip is to bring your own instruments with you!

Do not allow a nail technician to cut or trim cuticles.  Cuticles are important in protecting the nail from fungus and bacteria.  Using a rubber or wooden cuticle pusher to push them back a bit is acceptable.

Never trim your callouses with a sharp blade.  A pumice stone and good moisturizing cream is the best way to manage callouses on your own.  If you have Diabetes, a podiatrist is the only person who should be trimming your Calluses.

Remove nail polish after it has been on for a while.  Take a few day break in-between removing polish and applying new.  Leaving polish on for very long periods of time might make for an environment that will promote fungus in the nails.

Follow these tips to keep your feet happy this summer!  If you think you may have a condition as described above make an appointment with one of our doctors at Indiana Podiatry Group.  Often, the sooner you begin treatment the easier it is to treat. Follow these tips to keep your feet happy this summer!