Posted on Sep 30, 2015

Pediatric Fractures, "What the...FLIP?!?!"

Fractures in children can be difficult to manage and come with their own set of potential complications.  The reason for this concern is due to open growth plates.  We treat fractures of both the foot and ankle in adults and children.  When treating children, it is important to minimize damage to the growth plate, restore anatomical alignment, and maintain function.

Last year I had a 16y/o male who participated in competitive BMX racing.  He had performed a flip off of a jump and did not land the trick.  He came down hard on his right ankle and broke the bone at the growth plate.  Something called a Tillaux Fracture.  Thankfully I saw him shortly thereafter and scheduled him for surgery.  I was able to restore the alignment of the bone with just 2 screws placed underneath the growth plate so as to avoid further damage.  Growth plates are sensitive and can close prematurely if there is trauma.  If this occurs the patient can end up with deformity and or shortening of a limb.  Our podiatrists at Indiana Podiatry Group are experienced and trained in all foot and ankle trauma.  We are here for you when you need us!