Posted on Apr 01, 2015


No Fooling around Today is April fool’s Day

Don’t fool yourself by doing “Bathroom Surgery".

One of the issues that I frequently deal with my diabetic patients is the dangerous practice I refer to as “bathroom surgery". It is the practice of digging out ingrown nails or trimming of callouses with whatever sharp object is handy in the home.  Common items used are steak knives, metal nail files, box cutters, wire cutters just to name few. For a diabetic this is very risky behavior due to the fact that diabetic foot infections are more common and more difficult to clear up in people with elevated sugar or issues with insulin resistance.

Because the diabetic patient with poorly controlled diabetes is basically in an immunocompromised state (this occurs due to high sugars affecting the cells in the body that fight infection) they should understand that their body may not be able to heal an infection like those without diabetes

In addition many diabetics suffer from peripheral vascular disease and peripheral neuropathy which decreases blood flow and diminish pain perception that protects us from injuring ourselves.

I have personally witnessed more than my share of patients go on to amputations because of this type of home treatment.

Any cut, ingrown nail or callous on the foot that looks red hot swollen or bruised should be immediately reported to your Podiatrist for evaluation. It is important to remember that even a day can make the difference between a positive or very negative outcome.

I and the other doctors at IPG are here to treat and prevent any complications such as these from occurring so make sure that you keep your regular appointments. Preventative care goes a long way!