Posted on Dec 31, 2015

New Year’s trauma

As the new year approaches be aware that partying on New Year’s eve keeps emergency rooms very busy. There is a huge increase in foot and ankle trauma on this night. This is a result of alcohol consumption and dressy type footwear that places the feet and ankles into vulnerable positions.

One of the more common injuries is ankle sprains and ankle fractures. Also contusion injuries are common as people are less careful with their feet proportional to the amount of alcohol they have consumed.

One should be mindful that injuries may be more severe than they seem at the time due to the pain relieving qualities of alcohol. Once the buzz of the alcohol wears off the pain associated with these injuries becomes noticeable. If you have had an injury while under the influence of alcohol, an immediate trip to the doctor is in order to rule out a more serious injury.

Stay safe

Happy New Year.