Posted on Sep 20, 2017

How long will that “Cortisone shot” last?

 I bet I have heard that 1,000 times! The short answer is, "It depends on what is causing your pain in the first place."

First of all, "Cortisone" was the first   steroid that could be injected to treat pain and inflammation.  There are now many newer, safer, and stronger versions, and cortisone is not actually used anymore.  I can honestly say that I have never SEEN a bottle of "Cortisone."

Next, injectable steroids work to decrease inflammation, and the pain that goes with it.  However, they do not treat the” CAUSE” of the pain.  The medicine does its job, and if the pain/inflammation returns, it is because the underlying cause of the problem was not addressed.

As an example, if you have arthritis of the hip and get a "cortisone" shot, it might feel good for a month, but as the bones continue to rub against each other, the inflammation and pain will return.  How long that takes is determined by how bad the problem is and how active you are.

So, at least in the Podiatry world, it is important to treat the inflammation, but also, and more importantly, to treat the underlying cause of the problem.  That way, when you get an injection, the pain goes away and STAYS away!