Posted on Mar 08, 2015



Get Your Feet Ready For A Great Spring!

As we spring the clocks ahead by an hour, our daylight hours will increase which usually means we will be more active and more outdoors. This increase in time on our feet can cause a problem for some. Abrupt increases in physical activity can cause aches and pains in feet that have been sedentary from a long winter.

People will also want to start wearing their spring and summer shoes as soon as the mercury allows and this combination of increased physical activity and less constructed shoes can mean a visit to your friendly neighborhood podiatrists if you’re not careful.

A good way to prevent this is to gradually increase your physical activities and stagger your shoes so that your feet aren't subjected to overload in a short period of time. Gradual introduction of shoes like sandals and flip flops will allow the soft tissue in your feet to acclimate to these less supportive shoe types without injury.            

If you do overdo it though, make sure you seek treatment early to prevent a chronic injury which can put a damper on your outdoor activities.


Have a great spring