Posted on May 16, 2018

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I see many patients every year for nail fungus.  Invariably I will get several who have had color change similar to fungus but it is secondary to nail polish.  Technically covering your toenails in polish is fine; the nail is “dead” so it doesn’t need to breathe, as many patients question. However, the nail does absorb moisture and so it can pick up some of the chemicals used in the polish. This can dry out the nail and cause it to become stained if the polish is left on too long. One tool for prevention of the discoloration is to use a base coat on the nails to seal them before applying the polish.

As an additional piece of advice, when going for pedicures make sure you are the first person on the schedule for the day.  All instruments and tubs are usually sterilized overnight.  Through the day, these items are usually just sprayed with sanitizer, not all salon’s do this but many do.  This is not as consistent or effective.  Let’s keep those Toes Happy! 😊