Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Even good old Saint Nick has to rest his feet sometimes.

Christmas is only 10 days away and the season is in full swing. Here are a couple things to remember when out shopping for hours and hours.

 1. Make sure you have comfortable shoes if you are going to walk the malls or department stores as stress fractures are common among those hardcore shoppers.

 2. Pamper your feet when you get home and keep them elevated to keep the fluid moving out of them after gravity has drawn extra fluid into them.

Long trips are common around the holidays and they can also cause swelling in feet and legs and if your prone to edema then you can be at higher risk for clots to develop, especially if haven't gotten the memo that smoking is not good for your health. Even good old Saint Nick has to get up and move around the sleigh from time to time to keep the blood moving in his feet and legs. If you can't get up just flex your feet up and down and all around to activate the muscles in your legs to move the fluid.

Remember to watch what you eat as well as both heavy sugary meals and salty meals will pack the pounds of fluid onto your body.

Happy Holidays to all!