Posted on Feb 11, 2016

7 Tips To Keep Your Nails and Cuticles from Wilting This Winter from Dr.’s Remedy

#1 Don’t Cut Cuticles

Cuticles are the natural barrier to warding off fungus, bacteria, and infection! When you are cutting your cuticles, you lose protection.

#2 Avoid Rough Nail Files

Old-fashioned nail filers are usually too hard and lead to nail breakage. Instead use a soft nail file and be sure to file in just one direction.

#3 Moisturize!

Don’t forget, nails need to be moisturized too! Nails are naturally low in oil and can easily become brittle and dry. Moisturize nails daily!

#4 Eat Nail Strengthening Foods and Take Supplements

Supplements like Biotin, along with nutrient-rich foods like eggs, salmon, chicken, legumes and spinach can all contribute to nail growth and strength.

#5 Use a Base Coat

Using a base coat cannot only prolong the life of you manicure but also helps prevent nail discoloration.

#6 Limit Buffing

Even though buffing your nails gives you a shiny smooth surface, it can also thin your nails. Limit buffing to once a month.

#7 Quit Biting!

When you bite, you transfer germs, increase your chances of infection and also hinder nail growth!