Posted on Nov 05, 2017

As a fellow healthcare provider, I understand the long hours we put in to care for our patients.  This requires a considerable amount of walking and standing for long hours on our feet.  Due to all of the repetitive trauma our feet and ankles take during our intense work week, it is so important for us to take good care of our feet to prevent any damage.  This type of foot care begins with good preventative medicine.  Let us go through a few steps on how to care for our feet and ankles on a daily basis.  First, it is very important to stretch at least a few times daily.  This will increase your ankle range of motion and prevent any ligament or tendon problems.  Also, the stretching will help prevent that painful heel pain, also known as plantar fasciitis to re-surface.  Second, a good accommodative shoe with an insert is very beneficial to control any abnormal motion in your feet.  An insert or an orthotic will help control your heel and maintain your arch.  By supporting your arch less motion will occur in your foot joints reducing the chance of future osteoarthritis type pain.  There are lots of inserts/orthotics available on the market but before buying the over the counter inserts please consult your local podiatrist for advice.  Lastly, due to all of the standing that is required in our jobs I always encourage my patients to wear compression stockings.  This not only helps with the swelling but also prevents spider veins.  Compression hose also reduce tired feet by the end of the day.  I hope these preventative measures help with you daily work duties and if you have any questions or concerns please call and schedule an appointment with your nearest IPG Podiatrist.