Our practice provides comprehensive solutions for the preservation of limbs in diabetics and those with severe circulation disease. We practice an aggressive prevention program for all of our diabetics that emphasizes strategies to reduce the incidence of diabetic wounds and infections in order to limit the rate of amputations that can accompany such conditions. Amputations will stress the heart despite the best prosthetic limbs and can lead to early death due to heart failure. Preventing amputations is accomplished by providing regularly scheduled evaluations, skin and nail care, and prompt treatment of any foot problems. Diabetics who are at especially high risk for debilitating foot disease are treated more aggressively, with protective shoes and preventative surgery when necessary.

It is equally important that our patients inform us when problems do develop on the skin, as prompt treatment can prevent further issues from developing. Together we can keep the feet safe and intact.

Of course, the cost is always a concern for our patients. While our mission is to provide the best health care possible, medical costs are unfortunately part of that picture. We are pleased to inform our patients that insurance covers most, if not all in some cases, of the cost of diabetic foot care and protection. Financing should never have to be a factor in the care of diabetes, and we will do all we can to work with your insurance to keep costs down to a minimum, and will also gladly work with those who are uninsured to provide that care at a reasonable cost. Please call our office for an easy to read chart detailing what insurance typically covers for diabetic foot care.