Physical therapy is used as part of a treatment course for many foot and ankle conditions. This valuable method can help one recover from injury, heal damaged tissue, improve range of motion for stiff joints, and help reduce scar tissue.
Physical therapy is simply a group of direct treatment methods performed by a physical therapist, who is a health professional trained in performing these therapeutic techniques. Physical therapists have advanced degrees in this field, with many holding a doctorate as well. They are trained in the use of motion studies, tissue manipulation, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, tissue reeducation, strength training, and numerous other techniques to get the body moving to its full potential. This particular field is advancing with new techniques every year, and is an important part of foot and ankle treatment for many conditions.
Foot and ankle conditions that benefit from physical therapy include plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, posterior tibial tendonitis, peroneal tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, stiff joints, scar tissue, and post-surgical motion issues. The Indianapolis area has numerous physical therapists working for a number of different hospitals and private therapy practices. While not every patient with one of the above conditions requires physical therapy, it is a valuable part of the treatment plan for some, and our podiatrists regularly refer to physical therapists for care of our patients.