It is very common for people to injure their feet while going through the act of kicking, either intentionally or accidentally. Since the legs swing forward during walking, it is inevitable that we will kick some object during our lifetime The injuries that result can vary depending on what we kick, how hard we kick, and what part of the foot is struck.
Nail injuries are very common during kicking of any force or severity. These included blackened nails from bruising, thickened nails from ongoing subtle injury to the nails, as well as injuries that flare up an existing ingrown toenail. If the nail is caught just right, it can also be torn off of the skin.
Toe sprains and fractures are the most common injuries that can occur in the feet during kicking. All the toes have three bones in them, except the big toe which only has two. These bones can crack, can be crushed, or, they can split and move out of position. If the force of the injury is not enough to break the bone, the ligaments that bind the joints together can tear, resulting in a sprain. One infamous sprain injury that involves the big toe joint is the turf toe injury. This can be a nagging and chronic injury that often takes many athletes out of their sport.
If the part of the foot that contacts the object is a little further back behind the base of the toes, then a metatarsal fracture can result. The metatarsals are the long bones that make up much of the length of the front half of the foot. These fractures can vary in location and severity, and some may require surgery to repair.
Finally, simple bruising to either the top of the foot or the bottom is possible during an injury. Called a contusion, this represents leakage of broken blood vessels under the skin, and may at the same time include muscle damage, ligament damage, or even tendon damage contributing to the bruising.