Below You Will Find Some of the Many Medical Products We Stock and Dispense To Our Patients For Their Convenience


PowerstepPowerstep Inserts

Powersteps are a unique support system that helps relieve heel and arch pain. Powerstep inserts feature a unique 4-component design to relieve foot pain, and are suitable for all foot types. Their 3/4 length desigh helps facilitate a natural fit in a wide variety of shoes. Even those without foot problems can benefit from the shock absorbing capability of Powerstep inserts. We carry a wide varity of sizes for your convenience.


Biofreeze Biofreeze

Biofreeze is a unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort. Biofreeze products contain Ilex, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. Ilex is used around the world in various health & wellness formulations. This product is a natural, fast-acting, penetrating, long lasting pain reliever. Biofreeze can effectively help relieve pain from sore muscles and muscle sprains, back, shoulder, and neck pain, arthritis, and painful foot, ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints.


Foot Miracle Cream Foot Miracle Creme

Foot Miracle creme has a unique, deep penetrating formula that softens callused and rough areas. It rejuvenates the heel and foot and has quick absorption, leaving a renewed feeling of comfort and vitality. Foot Miracle is never sticky or greasy, contains no mineral oil or petroleum and always leaves your skin with a soft-as-velvet feeling.


Corn and Callus Care Pack Corn and Callus Care Pack

We developed this special package to address the needs of those with corns and calluses, as well as cracked heels and severely dry skin. This pack contains Caralac Creme, a potent urea and salicylic acid creme specially designed to softened rough, thick, callused skin. Also included is a skin buffing pad that will gently remove thick callused skin. When both products are combined, the result is smooth, comfortable skin and reduced pain from corn and callus build-up.



Shoe treatment is one area often overlooked when patients receive treatment for Athlete's foot fungus (tinea pedis), or nail fungus (onychomycosis). Since the fungus can reside in the shoe interior, untreated shoes can potentially cause a re-infection once treatment is over. This quality anti-fungal spray will kill the fungus that remains in shoes after sitting in an airtight bag overnight. This important treatment is easy, effective, and does not damage or stain the shoe interior.


Formula 3Formula 3 Nail Fungus Treatment

Formula 3 is the number one doctor dispensed anti-fungal medication used for nail fungus. This effective product uses a special oil base to help the anti-fungal medication penetrate the nail surface to deliver it's power to the skin underneath where the fungus actually resides. Easy to use, and without residue, this powerful medication treats nail fungus safely and effectively. In fact, the manufacturer offers a complete money-back guarantee if it does not work.


Wart Care PackWart Care Pack

Our Wart Care Pack has been specially assembled to maximize the effectiveness of our office wart treatment procedure. It combines Wart Stick, a salicylic acid application, with Forma-Ray, a drying agent that helps to reduce the foot moisture that benefits the wart virus. Also included is a small exfoliating pad that helps to reduce the callus build-up of the wart in between visits.


Toe SeparatorToe Separators

These quality foam toe separators are designed to keep toes apart, and limit the friction and pressure that occurs between toes that are positioned too close to each other. These separators help soothe painful corns in between the toes, and help keep toes from crossing over each other. Available by the dozen.



Our fine felt o-ring pads are self adhesive to the skin, and have a hole in the middle to accommodate painful corns, calluses, warts, and other superficial skin lesions that become irritated by shoes or the ground. The adhesive is gentle on the skin, and the felt surface is soft and soothing. Available by the dozen in small and large sizes.


Crest PadCrest Pads

Crest pads are crescent-shaped fabric covered felt padding that is in the shape of a crescent. This pad fits under the toes via a toe strap and helps to lift contracted hammertoes off of the ground, reducing pain and corn formation to the tips of the toes. We carry a wide variety of sizes, and each pad is foot specific.


Surgical ShoeSurgical Shoes

Surgical shoes are stiff-soled protective shoes that are used to reduce bending pressure on a foot recently operated on. The open strapped design allows bulky dressings to fit within the shoe easily. These shoes are also used for wound care where bulky dressings and pressure reduction is needed, as well as to support and protect mild foot fractures like toe fractures. Our shoe is durable and supportive, as well as attractive.


ASO BraceASO Ankle Stabilizer Brace

The ASO brace is a high quality gauntlet-style brace used in the treatment of ankle sprains, tendonitis, nerve entrapment, foot sprains, and general foot and ankle instability. The comfortable lace-up and crossing velcro strap design cradles the foot and ankle, locking them into a supportive position. This product may be covered under some insurance plans..



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