Emergencies can and do occur, and it is important for our patients to know how to reach us. Some situations are more urgent than others and handled differently by our doctors.
First, here are the things we, unfortunately, can’t help with:
If you are having a general medical emergency, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or weakness in one side of your body, it is important that you call 911 immediately.
If you are having an urgent issue that does not involve your foot, ankle, or lower leg, please contact your family doctor or another specialist. Our podiatrists are only licensed to treat the foot and ankle, along with some conditions in the lower leg that affect the foot and ankle, and cannot help if you are having a problem elsewhere, such as abdominal pain or back pain.
Next are the types of situations we absolutely need you to call us for, anytime day or night:
If you are having an urgent issue in your foot or ankle, such as a new or worsening infection or oozing sore if you are diabetic, having severe uncontrolled pain or developing nausea, vomiting, fever, or chills following surgery, a procedure, or treatment, having an allergic reaction to a medication we prescribed, or if you have had a significant injury and are unsure what to do, then you need to contact our office immediately. If it is during business hours, then our office staff will instruct you how to proceed after talking to your doctor. If our office is closed, such as at night or on the weekend, then you need to listen to our office voicemail message prompts until you reach the voicemail box of your specific doctor. Leave a message describing your concern, and your immediate callback number. The doctor will then receive your voicemail and call you back as soon as he/she is able to.
Finally, here are the things that we want you to call us for so we can respond as soon as possible, but may not require urgent attention:
If you are simply in need of a medication refill, call our office to relay your request. Please allow for plenty of time ( at least a few days) for us to process the request so you do not run out of the medicine early. If you forget and run out of routine medicine after hours, please wait until the next day we are open for business to relay this message to the staff, who will then process your request. If you run out of vital medication like antibiotics or post-op pain medication, please leave a message with your doctor's voicemail box so he/she can ensure a timely refill.
If you need to reach us to reschedule an appointment, ask a routine non-urgent medical question, need more information about a procedure or treatment, or have a billing question, please contact our office during business hours to reach a staff member, or leave a message with the main office voicemail box. Our doctors are not able to personally respond to such matters after hours.