We provide many patients with regular nail and callus care in our office, and would like to offer some suggestions to help keep you comfortable at home if you are one of our patients receiving this care, or simply want some suggestions on simple skin care at home. Keeping in mind that corns and calluses will grow back due to the response of your skin to pressure, we recommend the use of an emery board or a pumice stone to lightly sand the hard skin and help keep it softened. This can be done every several days after a shower or bath to make it safer and easier to perform. You can also keep your nails smoother in this same manner. We also recommend the use of a good moisturizing creme applied once or twice a day to the feet to keep them soft. Try to avoid placing the creme in between the toes to keep infection from developing in the moist toe web space. Also, don't forget to wear comfortable, supportive, and properly fitting shoes to avoid abnormal skin pressure which can aggravate your corns and calluses.

callus on foot

For your convenience, we offer a care package that contains a pumice stone and a high quality moisturizer and exfoliant to assist you with your comfort. Please ask the Indiana Podiatry Group staff for details, or to purchase the care package.