A wart is a callused mass on the skin that, unlike regular calluses, is actually caused by a virus infecting the skin. Warts can be found all over the body, and in the foot the most common location is on the bottom of the foot or toes. It is typically called a plantar wart, due to it being located on the bottom, or plantar, surface of the foot. Commonly, the wart is mistakenly called a 'planters wart'. Warts typically appear on the bottom if the foot because the infection is usually contracted by stepping in infected human skin tissue left behind from another's bare foot. The infection often occurs in a shower, bathing area, or locker room for this reason. The virus forms a hard, sometimes thick mass of skin that can be bumpy with a cauliflower-like appearance. It can also have speckled black dots that resemble small seeds, although in actuality the dots are dead capillaries. Warts can vary from being non-painful to extremely painful, depending on their size and location. Over time, they can also enlarge and spread to elsewhere in the foot.