Prevention may be difficult, as some people genetically seem to be more likely to develop toenail fungus infections, and some individual nails may also be at greater risk for becoming infected over others on the same foot. Keeping the feet clean, dry, and well moisturized (without actually being too physically moist) can limit the potential for fungus to infect the skin. All Athlete's foot infections should be treated right away to prevent the infection from spreading off the skin into the nail, and chipped or otherwise damaged nails can be treated with an anti-fungal cream to protect them as they grow outward. One should use shower sandals in public locker rooms and showers, and if a family member or roommate has a fungal infection, regular cleaning of the shower/tub and floor is advised, along with ensuring that family member or roommate obtains anti-fungal treatment. If nail discoloration does develop, prompt evaluation and treatment by a podiatrist may make a difference in the effectiveness of the treatment course.