January's "Ask Steph"

What are some tips to keep your feet warm and dry while we’re dealing with the snow cold and wet weather?

Thanks for asking.  The key to keeping warm in the winter is actually keeping DRY.  Moisture contributes much more to your feet feeling cold than the actual temperature. When feet get wet, the temperature is transmitted much faster, giving that feeling of being really cold.  Think of it.  Would you rather be in 40-degree air or 40-degree water?  When it comes to keeping dry and warm, layers are the best.  Multiple thinner layers trap heat and do more to "insulate" feet from the cold.  If that first layer can be something that “does not trap moisture,” (NOT cotton!) so much the better.  Wool and wool blends and synthetic "Moisture wicking" products closest to the skin are best. Insulated, waterproof boots complete the package.

Good luck. Stay warm and enjoy the winter!

Scott L. Schulman, DPM Indiana Podiatry Group