February 2019 “Ask Steph”

Spring is coming fast! We are starting track today!  Our coaches ask us to get new socks, shoes, and to be sure to layer due to how the spring weather can change so fast.. What are some other tips to get my feet ready for this track season?

Your coach did a great job on indicating shoe socks and layers, especially when you’re running outside here in Indiana it’s still very cold.

Here are just a few more tips, invest time and money in finding the right shoes and socks for your feet; remember we do have a shoe store in Seymour Indiana, “The Fitted Foot” they professionally measure your feet so you get the proper shoes you need for running.

Make sure you keep the skin on your feet soft and moisturized on a regular basis.

When you have the time let your feet air out when relaxing go barefoot,   keeping them dry will help prevent fungal infections like athlete's foot

Lastly, keep your toenails trimmed and clean give your feet a good washing after each run 🏃‍

“Good Luck” with the track this spring! 

Scott L. Schulman, DPM 
Indiana Podiatry Group