Ask Steph 

As Christmas approaches am also getting ready to go off to college. I realized after visiting the campus I will be doing a lot of walking what kind of shoes you would recommend, then I could ask for those for Christmas.

Hello, Thanks for writing.  I wish there was an easy answer to this, but there isn't.  It is like asking someone what car they recommend.  The answer is, "It depends."  What roads do you drive on? How many people do you need to drive? Luggage needs? Bad weather???

The same holds true for shoes. Cold, wintry weather? A comfortable hiking shoe or boot. Dressing for business classes? Casual dress shoes, the lower the heel, the better.  But for all-purpose, general, walk a lot around campus, I recommend a good running shoe.  Cushioned heel, arch support, lightweight, comfortable.  That's what I would ask for Christmas.

Good luck.

Scott L. Schulman, DPM Indiana Podiatry Group