This week “Ask Steph”

My girlfriends and I were shopping this week getting ready for the Fall dance. While out, one of us found a wild, hot pair of funky high heels we saw on TV earlier this week. Then we heard which celebrities were wearing them and the problems they could cause!  You can’t believe everything you hear on TV, so can you let us know your thoughts about these shoes? 


Yes, they might be a "hot pair of high heels," but if you wear them a lot you could end up with cold feet from applying many ice packs!!!

While those shoes might be the latest fashion, they sure won't make your feet feel good. The higher the heel, the more pressure it will put on the ball of your foot while at the same time squeezing your toes together. Long-term use can aggravate foot conditions such as bunions and hammertoes.

That said, occasionally dressing up and having fun is great. You could think of high heels like eating cheesecake. Once in a while as a special treat is fine, but if you eat it too often you will likely pay the price. So, like anything that might not be good for you, moderation is the key!

Wear your high heels, look great and have fun, but get back to more sensible shoes when you can.

Thanks for writing!

Dr Scott L. Schulman, Indiana Podiatry Group