One of my girlfriends was babysitting and the young girl asks what is this ? do I have cooties?   

No, you likely don't have "Cooties!"  That's the good news.  There are lots of possible causes of the rash on your foot. Sometimes it comes from friction in shoes and sandals. But more often it is caused by increased moisture in the skin, like from wearing socks all day when your feet sweat a lot. That is why it gets the nickname "Athlete's Foot," because it is common in teenagers who play a lot of sports and sweat a lot.  Common treatments include doing a better job of drying your feet after showering, changing your socks more often, and sometimes using over the counter athlete's foot creams.  However, this rash can get worse, spread to others, and get painful and annoying. So, if it is itching a lot or irritating you while playing, it is worth seeing your Podiatrist to determine the exact cause and the best treatment.

Good luck. Scott L. Schulman, DPM Indiana Podiatry Group