Scary skin lesions. 

I present to you a scary case where a patient came into my clinic complaining of what he thought was an ingrown nail.  He said he dropped something on the nail over a month ago and it just kept bleeding.  He related at a later visit that he noticed a "freckle" under the toenail for the last year that had been growing.  X-rays showed signs of destruction to the bone and upon clinical exam, his bone was sticking out through the end of his toe.  Out of concern for bone infection, the patient underwent amputation of the toe.  Unfortunately after pathologic exam, not only did he have bone infection but he had Stage 5 Malignant Melanoma with Metastasis to the bone.  He is currently undergoing cancer treatment.  If you have a new skin lesion or a lesion that is changing size, shape, or color, let our professionals at Indiana Podiatry Group take a look at it.

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