1. Any foot or ankle problem that has not resolved or improved after 1 week

2. Any problem that has not resolved with reasonable "Over the Counter" remedies.

3. Any problem that your Google search has not diagnosed and fixed!

4. Anything that your medical doctor or other specialist has attempted to treat unsuccessfully.

5. Any obvious signs of infection (Intense redness, swelling, drainage, warmth,  severe pain)

6. Any trauma to the foot and ankle that is not classified as an emergency

Emergency =

A. Can't control the pain

                           B. Can't control the bleeding

                           Obvious visual deformity, (Toe sticking up, out, etc.)

7. "General" foot pain, tired, achy, sore feet. Any foot or ankle problem that affects your "Quality of life," If you cannot do all the things you want to do, wear the shoes you want to wear or be as active as you want to be, you need a Podiatrist.

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