Indiana Podiatry Group, Hoosier Foot and Ankle are owned and managed by Upperline Health.

Providing the highest quality integrated lower extremity care to patients in need through a skilled and compassionate team.

Where Will I see Upperline Providers? 

As the nation’s largest provider of lower extremity treatment, we are able to provide services in multiple sites of care. Many of our patients are seen in one of our many clinics or a long-term care facility. We also have full-time hospitalists at various locations who can see our patients for more emergent needs.

Who Do I Contact with Questions and Concerns?

 Upperline Health provides comprehensive support to our patients, including your regular provider and a robust system of care management and telemedicine appointments. You may contact your personal provider during regular business hours.

For support, you may call: Amanda Diamond (314) 452-7705 [email protected]  or Jerry Green 317 200-6861 [email protected]

We were founded with one goal in mind, to improve and fundamentally change the paradigm of lower extremity care. This care is often fragmented, expensive, and most tragically, lacking inconsistent and comprehensive preventive services for patients. The Future of Healthcare Upperline is built to fix fragmented care models through an interdisciplinary team that delivers. best-in-class care focused on the whole patient. Our providers serve patients in the clinic, home, hospital and facilities and focus on preventive care and population health management, wound care, vascular care and surgical. Today, we are the nation’s largest multi-speciality practise exclusively. dedicated to treating lower extremity care in this manner.     

What Services Does Upperline Provide?

Expert Preventive Care

We intervene earlier with a thorough risk assessment to place patients on the optimal pathway to prevent complications before they arise. General preventive care includes diabetic foot exams, fall-risk assessments, neuropathy diagnosis, venous and arterial screenings and management. We also provide remote monitoring services for high-risk wound care patients that are integrated into the care plan.

Wound Care

Our providers include some of the top limb salvage experts to effectively treat wound complications with the most advanced procedures and technology. Our team of certified experts follow rigorous evidence-based protocols that lead to faster healing times at lower costs to the patient and the healthcare system.

General Foot and Ankle Care

Our team of specialists can treat the full spectrum of routine foot and ankle ailments that arise on a day-to-day basis. Issues like callouses, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, sprains and stress fractures that prevent you from being at your best are treated using evidence-based protocols and by a team of compassionate and skilled providers.

Vascular and Vein Care

Our vascular specialists take a comprehensive approach to vascular and vein care by treating diseases at all stages through sophisticated techniques and procedures. We firmly believe in early identification and prevention for venous and vascular diseases is key which our interdisciplinary team can offer to patients.

Who is the Upperline Health Team?

Our care is provided by an interdisciplinary team who work together to help patients be at their best. Our team includes podiatrists, vascular surgeons, vein specialists, nurse practitioners and wound care experts among other specialists.

Who Would Benefit from Upperline’s Services?

Our specialized care treats a wide range of needs, including:

• General foot and ankle care such as heel pain, ingrown toenails, calluses, sprains and stress fractures

• Patients with active lower extremity wounds or those at risk of wounds

• Diabetic shoes, orthotics and other bracing systems

• Venous and vascular disease

• And many more illnesses

Indiana Podiatry Group, Hoosier Foot and Ankle owned and managed by Upperline Health.

Doctors’ referrals Fax to 833 645-0045   For appointments call 888-431-8789 

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