Many children are born without major foot problems, however, some children are born with congenital curly toes. This is a common deformity that occurs when the flexing tendons of the foot pull harder than the extending tendons. This causes the toes to curl down and inwards. The last three toes of the foot are most commonly affected.
Symptoms are usually absent initially, however, there may be problems in later years when dealing with the fit of certain shoes. Children rarely complain of pain, so sometimes parents do not know that there is any discomfort at all. Treatment can be conservative as well as surgical. Conservatively, we can monitor the child's toes to make sure the area is not worsening. Buddy taping the toes together also helps to keep the toes in alignment and allow for the toe's flexing motion to be controlled. Surgically, the release of the flexing tendons has been found to be beneficial. This is typically reserved for a severe toe deformity or nail bed deformity in children typically older than 3 years old. The outcome rate has been found to be 85-90% effective.
If you have noticed your child's toes curl in, please do not hesitate to contact us at Indiana Podiatry Group. We would be happy to evaluate your child and review further options.
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