What’s a stress fracture?

How is it different from a “break” or a “regular fracture?” 

I often explain stress fractures with the analogy of going outside with a hammer and hitting the concrete with it.  You do it a few times lightly and nothing really happens.  If you keep doing it for several minutes, eventually you will start to notice small cracks in the concrete.  That is how a stress fracture works.

Repetitive stress over time is what causes a stress fracture.  Standing for extending periods of time, running or walking longer distances, or repetitive jumping or stress to the foot will cause stress fractures.  Often times they will be such minor injuries that they don’t show up on x-ray.  It typically is a clinical diagnosis and my rule is if it acts like a fracture and smells like a fracture, then it probably is a fracture.  Most times we can treat stress fractures by limited ambulation in a walking boot or cast.  Rest is the key to treatment.  If you think you might have a stress fracture give our experts at IPG a call

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