What is Bone Growth Stimulators?

Have you ever wondered what modalities there are to help fractures heal?  Have you ever heard the terms delayed union or non-union?  When treating fractures, mother nature tells us it takes on average anywhere between 6-12 weeks for a fracture to heal.  Certain factors may contribute to a fracture not healing.  The overall health of the patient, vitamin d levels, proper immobilization, etc.  When fractures take beyond 12 weeks we call this a delayed union.  If they progress even longer without healing we call this a non-union.  Bone stimulators are devices that send electromagnetic energy into the bone to help signal the cells to grow bone across the fracture site.  These devices have been shown to be quite effective.  If you have a fracture that is not healing ask your doctor if you are a candidate for a bone growth stimulator.

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