Treating Diabetics

Treating diabetics is part of every podiatrists practice, but after 15 years of practice in areas with very high concentration of diabetics, you quickly become an “Expert” in diabetic foot care or you refer them to another practice because you can't be so-so with this population. With an ever increasing worldwide epidemic of Diabetes, at some point every podiatrist will have to come to become proficient at treating the diabetic patient in their office.

A normal day in my practice ALWAYS involves a few curve balls. Nail appointments quickly turn into wound care appointments or surgical emergency appointments due to issues like diabetic neuropathy, which prevents patients from feeling pain, PVD which impairs healing, and hyperglycemia which when very high causes the body to react to problems as if the patient is immuno-compromised.

Being able to handle these unexpected issues takes years of experience with diabetics and a super staff that can keep up with whatever comes their way.

For some, seeing the volume of diabetic patients that I see would not appeal to them, but for me it gives a very high feeling of job satisfaction!!!!

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