As the weather begins to cool down and winter fast approaches, the dreaded heel crack begins to rear its head. Often the source of severe pain when the crack deepens and splits the underlying skin, heel cracks (or fissures) are easily prevented when one's skin is properly treated at home. This is much easier when using a product designed to counter the skin build up that leads to the heel crack. Our Miracle cream is specially formulated by Straight Arrow to smooth the rough skin that is at the heart of the heel crack, as well as exfoliate the callus that allows the crack to deepen. we as well have KERA-42 CREAM is a safe, effective, medical strength, keratolytic, and moisturizing urea-based formulation essential for calloused, rough, dry skin. KERA-42 CREAM exfoliates dead skin cells while restoring moisture to the new cell layer, providing an optimal environment for healthy skin. Stop by one of our offices for these wonderful products before your heel cracks develop.

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