Tips for Dinning Out,

1.    If you can, choose restaurants with healthier menu options and order those options.

2.    Try a vegetarian option

3.    Order a salad with the dressing on the side.

4.    Opt for grilled meat, fish and poultry instead of fried.

5.    Order the smallest sandwich.  Skip anything called "double".  Go for the 6-inch sub rather than the                  foot-long option.  

6.    Opt for fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, or low-fat yogurt as side dishes.

7.    Choose sugar-free drinks such as water, unsweetened tea, coffee or diet soda

No age limitations on diabetics

ages 20 to 44: 371,000 new cases

ages 45 to 64: 892,000 new cases

age 65 and older: 400,000 new cases

Helpful Tips for Diabetics

regular exercise

losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight if you are overweight or obese

Diet ,reducing intake of sugar sweetened beverages

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