This Little Piggy Mowed His Lawn,
Four Little Piggies Cried Home!?!?!

     Jack is a 36 y/o male that was mowing his lawn... barefoot.  I think already you can see where this is headed.  He was mowing down into the ditch in front of his house.  He was standing at the top and pushing and pulling the mower back and forth down into the ditch - we have all done this before.  Unfortunately for Jack, he slipped and his right foot went underneath the mower.  I saw him in the emergency room.  His first through fourth toes were hanging by a thread and completely mutilated!  We rushed him into the operating room and, unfortunately for him, we were not able to save his toes. 
The good news was that was all he lost. 
He will be able to function just fine and get along without much difficulty.  Since that day, I see a lot of people mowing their lawns barefoot or
in flip-flops.  Just don't do it! 
Wearing a shoe can save
your little piggies.

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