The Future Has Arrived: Total Ankle Replacement

Total ankle replacements are a hot topic these days as the technology has advanced greatly in the last 5 years.  You will hear more about the procedure in the news, online, and other physicians.  There is a lot to cover on the topic for just a blog post, but patients who have previously suffered severe ankle fractures and currently suffer from severe ankle arthritis, including rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis, might be candidates for joint replacement.  If you have been told that you need your ankle fused, well, now you might have another option.  Advancements have now made it possible to replace the ankle joint, thus maintaining motion and reducing pain.  Because the technology is new, the ideal candidate would be a healthy, non-smoker, age 60 or older, and not weigh over 250 lbs.  If you have been told you need your ankle fused, give our experts at Indiana Podiatry Group a call as this procedure is being performed right here in your area. 

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