The aging of the population has many options for treating foot pain.

The aging of the population comes to an increase in arthritis and other aches and pains especially back pain. Pain in the low back can manifest itself in other parts of the body, commonly radiating to the legs and feet. For some, the pain may feel completely separate from the back pain.

The exam in the office will differentiate true foot pain from the pain associated with back pain.

Typically the pain from back issues is burning or electric shock type in nature. Pins and needles may be felt in the foot. There may be some numbness or just an altered feeling.

Treatment will be different from true musculoskeletal foot pain. Medication will be tailored to target the nerve irritation. Sometimes an anti-inflammatory may be prescribed as well.

Other options are physical therapy, consults with Neurology, Pain Management, and or Orthopedics.

If your legs or feet hurt and you have back problems call to schedule an appointment ASAP to get treated.

Surgery is not your only option.

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