Spring Sports Injuries, Exercise-Induced leg pain

Defined as increased pressures in the lower leg during exercise.  The increased pressure snuffs out or diminishes blood flow to your oxygen hungry muscle cells and the result is discomfort, aching, cramping during exercise. The heart is beating is harder and more intensely with your work out and arterial flow to the lower leg remains the same but the veins and lymph vessels have difficulty bringing it out of the area and back to the highways to the heart. The athlete describes a sensation of cramping, or stabbing pain, or maybe tightness in the muscle compartment. Tenderness of the shin may occur as well as the soft tissue lining over the bone itself becomes inflamed. Good news is that this usually resolves with rest. One may have to reduce the intensity of exercise or changes activities. Other treatment options include NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen along with ice, rest, cushioned insoles or orthotics. 

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