COVID-19 Resolution include Weight Loss and Being Physically Active and Fit? 

In the first part of our blog, we discussed joining a gym and the benefits and challenges associated with joining a gym for your daily work out. In this second part of the blog, we will discuss and explore the working out at home and at your own pace option. One of the biggest challenges of this option is getting lazy and not sticking to the plan. It is very easy to buy expensive home gym equipment but then gets lazy and lose sight of your plan. Again a buddy system would work great here, get someone from your home to join you for your daily workout, this could be your spouse, your roommate or anyone at your home. Ideally, someone who is more organized and focused than you are, sit together and hash out the workout plan down to all the details, including the time of day, how long you should work out and most importantly your goals: your 1-month goal, your 3-month goal, your 6-month goal and your 1-year goal. If your goal is to lose weight then you need to have a specific plan as to how much weight you need to lose in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Another important point to remember is what type of equipment you would need to purchase to set up your home gym and how much you are planning on spending. I would recommend not overspending initially, starting with some basic things and then increasing your equipment according to your needs. It would be helpful to prepare a list and then shop around to look for bargains, also don’t forget to buy a warranty, as the equipment could be costly to repair and replace.

We will continue our exercise and fitness/sports medicine blog in the coming weeks. Until then have a great week! Also if anyone has any questions or suggestions please don’t forget to write to us! You can contact us through our Facebook page or through our website!

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