Does Your New Year Resolution include Weight Loss and Being Physically Active and Fit?

Let’s start with some basics: as the weather has gotten cold more and more people are planning indoor exercise and running. First things first: are you planning on joining a gym or are you more of a self to do at home kind of a person. There is no right or wrong answer here; both options present multiple opportunities as well as challenges.

Let’s first look at the first option that is, joining a gym: The vast majority of fitness clubs are offering great rebates to those willing to join at this time of the year, this includes waiving or minimal joining fees and low monthly rates. But joining a gym has its own challenges, this includes the proximity of the gym to where you work or live. Being disciplined enough to actually go to the gym several times a week. The hours you are planning on exercising, as most gyms are overcrowded in the early morning and afternoon/evening hours, as people like to get to the gym before or after work.

 Some of the benefits of joining a gym include getting to work out with others, this may include joining as a group or with a friend so you could work out together. The other option would be to hire a professional trainer to keep you focused and on the path to being physically active and fit.

We will explore more issues and concerns in our next discussion. Until then, have a great week!

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