So, you're considering foot or ankle surgery?

You have probably thought about if you should or should not put weight on your foot after surgery.

There are typically three weight-bearing precautions that your Foot & Ankle Surgeon will coach you on. Typically, you could expect to be protected in a boot or surgical shoe with either weight-bearing as tolerated (WBAT), partial weight bearing (PWB), or non-weight bearing (NWB)

Typically, WBAT means that you can walk on the surgery right away after surgery. If an activity hurts to do, then don't do it but if you're feeling good, then it's OK. PWB usually beans only putting a little bit of pressure on either the front or back of the foot to help offload the surgical site. NWB means that the surgical site may need some time without pressure to heal and stabilize in order for it to be safe to walk again.

As always, don't guess about your weight-bearing status after having surgery. Always ask your surgeon first

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