So I had surgery...when am I back to normal?!

Many patients have already exhausted most conservative treatment options for their pathology before even seeing the doctor, so they come in ready for surgery.  But even if you haven't tried everything we make sure we give you all nonsurgical options so it's your decision when you have surgery.  But what happens afterwards? Many patients wonder how long it will be before they are back to normal but without pain.

That's a legitimate concern.  Depending on what surgery you had and how invasive it was you could be feeling "normal" as early as 6-8 weeks or it could take 6-9 months!!  Everybody responds differently to surgery and for the first few weeks, most of the post-op pain you feel is due to swelling.  So it is imperative that you rest, ice and elevate your operative extremity as much as possible.  And after the skin heals around 2 weeks, the rest of the recovery period depends on what procedure you had.  Be open and ask your doctor when it is expected for you to be back to regular activity and what the normal timeline of healing is for your procedure.  The foot and ankle surgeons at Indiana Podiatry Group are here to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your foot and ankle concerns!

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