Over 90% of us wear shoes that are too small according to studies

I saw a gentleman two weeks ago who had undergone treatment for some time. He had X-rays and an MRI and a number of other evaluations and treatments. After my exam, I suspected his problem was all due to shoe fit. Two weeks later he is better than 90% resolved with his problems just because we got him in the right size shoe. No other treatment!

Shoe size matters. Over 90% of us wear shoes that are too small according to studies. Let’s talk about a few things that ill-fitting shoes cause. Did you know shoes that are too short or not deep enough can cause deformed nails? Tight shoes cause pinched nerves in the feet which cause burning into the toes or ball of the foot and Heel pain, because the foot is not allowed to relax and Bunions, due to the pressure on the great toe. Tendinitis, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, hammertoes and so much more can be caused due to shoes that fit incorrectly,

Look at the picture. You would think these 2 feet would wear the same size shoe because they are the same length. But that is incorrect. The heel-ball measurement is most important. Most people have short toes for their feet and, thus, why most people wear shoes too small.

How do you prevent this? Get your feet professionally measured. Your foot size changes through life, more so for women than men. Pregnancy, menopause, weight gain, floor surface you work on, etc. all contribute to changes in your foot structure and size including lengthening and widening. So come on out to The Fitted Foot and get measured. You’ll be glad you did!

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