Scope it Out!

Ankle Arthroscopy. 

Ankle arthroscopy is a procedure where a surgeon is able to visualize the ankle joint by inserting a camera in one side of the ankle and other instrumentation which can include a shaver, a probe, a curette, an awl, a burr, etc., into the other side of the ankle.  There are many conditions that can be treated with this method, with the benefit being small incisions, quicker recovery, and the ability to access the ankle joint without cutting thru the ankle bones.

Common pathology that can be treated by this method includes damage to the cartilage and/or underlying bone, synovitis (inflammation of the joint capsule) and associated arthritic symptoms, ankle impingement by either soft-tissue or bone, ligament damage/repair, and more.  Often times, these issues are precluded by an ankle sprain or fracture that may have occurred months to years prior.  Visit one of our surgeons at Indiana Podiatry Group if you are suffering from ankle pain to see if you may benefit from this type of procedure.


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